Sunday, July 20, 2014

Remembering MH17

Another MAS airplane not coming home. Another heart break.

I am a frequent flyer and every time I take MAS coming home, I cherish the announcement: "To all Malaysians, Welcome home." Going home is such a simple expectation in life yet nothing is certain.

I am sure all of us will be standing in solidarity with the families of the 298 souls lost in Ukraine.

I hope we can put down our differences for now and stand by the Najib Government in demanding truth and justice for the plane that has been shot down. It is inexcusable for firing ground-to-air missiles when there is no air strike. The perpetrators must be held accountable.

I also hope we will stand behind MAS. It is frustrating to see MAS fails in issuing the manifest or informing the families at the first instance. But let us stand by our national carrier. Let us remember the families and the colleagues of the 15 crew members. They are crying now. Let us stand by them.

If you know anyone in MAS, give them a pat on the shoulder, or even a hug. It must be terribly difficult for them to suffer two such losses in a span of five months. Please be emphatic. Even if you are angry with the management and the politicians who appointed them, please separate the staff from them.

From information available now, some military men or politicians who ordered the firing of ground-to-air missiles are to be blamed. There is nothing the Government or MAS could do to prevent that.

Let us stand together as a nation at this juncture. Some Malaysians can never come home anymore. Let us keep ourselves and our home -- Malaysia -- well for them in their memories.

Let us not lose more than the planes.

Everyone including media is welcome to share, if you think it helps us to stand united.

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By: Chin-Huat Wong (黄进发)

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