Thursday, June 24, 2010

Notes from a father

六月刊的 CLEO 八卦到为父者的感言,个别访问了本地著名设计师和两位 DJ ,我对其中 Bernard Chandran 留给宝贝女儿的话感触最深。

[ We hear what these young dads have to say to their daughters about boys, life and fatherhood. ]

“When your mother told me she was pregnant with you, I…”
was very certain that you were a baby girl as I believe you were conceived during our trip to this wonderful place named Kanyakumari, a serene place in the Tamil Nadu district hence why we named you after the heroine of the little town – Tanyakumari.

“Before I met you I was…”
wondering what our family would be like with a little girl around.

“I want you to know that…”
your mum and I will always be there for you. Our house will always be a safe haven for you and your brothers.

“The greatest joy of my life thus far is…”
how close-knit our family is.

“I know you will grow up to be…”
a confident, caring and loving person with a big heart.

“Just remember, your dear old dad will…”
always treat you as my little princess and look forward to your big bear hugs.

“If I could tell you one thing about boys it would be…”
they prefer girls who are natural and confident with themselves so you don’t have to try too hard to impress them. (like)

“Don’t date a guy who…”
has no intention of introducing you to his family, does not talk much about his family nor interested in your family.

“A guy is lying if he…”
is always talking big as if to cover his insecurities. Always trust your intuition.

“The most important lesson I’ve learnt is…”
to make every moment of your life count, especially time spent with family.

“I look at you today and I am filled with…”
pride. You are growing into a confident and extremely chic young lady.



难道不是吗?从小到大吃他的住他的,心情不好还可以给脸色他看,不高兴就随性摔门,而他依然会对妳笑嘻嘻,逗妳开心,自己的烦恼和无奈默默啃下来………… 暗捶。爸爸总是在孩子面前强颜欢笑,所以很多时候我都忘了爸妈也是普通人。




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虽说生老病死乃是自然规律,但还是害怕 “那一天” 的到来,特别是像我这种在溺爱环境长大的老小孩。

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娃喜欢最后一句。 :D