Thursday, April 22, 2010

1% is a great deal

In conjunction with the launching of justlife new theme I’m the one, we have initiated a Green Ribbon Movement to encourage every individual to Be the One doing 1% for the planet. Although the Green Ribbon Movement is a justlife campaign for the Earth Day 2010, we believe that it should be Earth Day, everyday! We have all the reasons to care for our planet throughout all seasons.

Everyone can be The One. Be part of our Green Ribbon Movement and start doing your 1% for the planet today!

Support Im the one Green Ribbon campaignspot & create your GREEN RIBBON and post it on our Facebook to show that we do care for our planet.

Your 1% can make a big difference!

除了幽默感,有创意的男人有种难以抗拒的吸引力。而且,现在这种戆居居的 look 非常吃香喔!宅男马会有出头天~ 呃………… 不好意思,今天是地球日,应该八卦一些环保的东西,可是光说不做,有什么屁用?

祝大家活得一天比一天更 “青葱”!



et™ said...

Justlife, 'I'm the One' Green Ribbon Movement

I wonder which agency’s work, damn creative!

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